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Russia is so far beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We are here to promote and introduce to you its beautiful yet less known destinations in the Far east and Siberia.


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from 19.09.2017
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87,8070 rub.
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51,7528 rub.



Main city of the Khabarovsky region in the Russian Far East, located at the confluence of the Amur and the Ussuri rivers. The largest Russian city east of Lake Baikal. Nearly three-quarters of Khabarovsk's inhabitants work in some type of industrial job, and entire sections of the city consist of factories surrounded by boxy Soviet-style apartment blocks. With its steady flow of tourists from Japan, South Korea and China, the city has a bustling, international feel to it. You can get here on an overnight train from Vladivostok.

Year of foundation: 1858. Population: about 580000.

Time zone: GMT (+10)

Main attractions: the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Amur River Embankment, Circus, museums (Local Lore, History and Far East Art), parks and ponds.

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