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Russia is so far beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We are here to promote and introduce to you its beautiful yet less known destinations in the Far east and Siberia.


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 Vladivostok is the main city of Primorye region in the Russian Far East. It’s also the largest port city on Russia’s Pacific Coast and the terminus of the great Trans-Siberian Railroad. The name “Vladivostok” can be roughly translated as “ruling the East” and it was given to the small military post back in 1860 to strengthen the Russian Far Eastern borders. Vladivostok shares the latitude with Sapporo, Almaty, Florence, Marseille, Boston, and Toronto (there is a funny local saying about Vladivostok’s geographical position: “The latitude of the Crimea, and the altitude of Kolyma”, Crimea being the warmest and Kolyma one of the coldest regions of Russia). It was a closed military city in the times of Soviet Union, until 1991. Vladivostok was enlisted on the National Geographic list of Top Ten most beautiful oceanfront cities in 2015. Population: about 600000

Time zone: GMT (+10), MSK (+7)

Main features: sea, salty winds, hilly relief, multinational background, entrepreneurial spirit.

Main attractions: Russky Bridge, Golden Bridge, Russky Island, Vladivostok Fortress, Eagle’s Nest Viewpoint, Arsenyev Local Lore museum; S-56 Submarine, Central streets, Embankments; Opera and Ballet Theatre, museums and galleries.

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