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Russia is so far beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We are here to promote and introduce to you its beautiful yet less known destinations in the Far east and Siberia.


Exchange Rates
from 19.09.2017
US Dollar
57,6242 rub.
68,7514 rub.
10 China Yuan
87,8070 rub.
100 Japanese Yen
51,7528 rub.


Do I need visa to travel to Russia?Yes, travellers from most countries need to get a visa to come to Russia (except for the countries that have mutual agreements with Russia on facilitating visa procedures for travellers.) To get the visa you should first ask a licensed travel agency/tour operator in Russia to send you the invitation letter and a tourist voucher, and then take those documents to a Russian Embassy in your home country.
What is the best season for a trip to Russia?If you come from a country with warm and mild climate you would feel more comfortable in warmer months – from May through October. But winter time can be an adventure itself, with its piles of snow, ice-skating and skiing – so you are welcome in any weather! Just be sure to take warm clothes with you.
Is it safe to travel in Russia?Travelling in Russia you should take usual precautions for travellers worldwide, e.g. it is best not to flaunt valuable items. Also, avoid walking alone at night through parks and in outer city streets. Finally, carry currency in a travel money holder. Pick pocketing is not uncommon in crowded markets and in tourist areas (just like in major cities in other countries).
Where can I get the Internet connection?The Internet connection network is growing fast in Russia. Most big hotels offer free Wi-Fi connection, as well as many restaurants and cafes, you should just ask a waiter for an access code.
What is the tipping policy in Russia?Though not officially required tipping is increasingly expected at restaurants. Tip 10-15% depending on service. It is also typical to round up the amount due to the next round figure.
How do I pay for the travel arrangements?When booking your trip from a Russian travel agency, in most cases you will have to pay by a bank transfer (after you get an invoice with due amount). Online payments by credit cards are rare if not impossible. Once in Russia, be sure to have cash to pay at shops and cafes, as not all of them take cards.