Nature Reserves & National Parks
Udege Coming to Vladivostok you have a choice of nature tours to explore this beautiful and remote region of Russia. The Far East of Russia is rich in various Nature Reserves & National parks. For example, Lazo Nature reserve, which is one of the most popular destinations among nature lovers. You will see the variety of landscapes and fauna, walk through the forest and even bathe in the sea if you come here in summer. Another tour will take you to the Land of Leopard - the youngest protected area in Primorye, established in 2012 on the territory of the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve. Located in southern Primorye on the coastal spurs of the Manchurian mountains, this National Park aims at protecting the rarest Amur (aka Far-Eastern) Leopard from extinction (there are only 57 leopards left in Russia). You can also visit the Safari Park located in about 1,5-hour drive from Vladivostok to see the local wild animals living on a large protected area in their natural habitat (e.g. tigers, Himalayan bears, leopards, sika deer etc).

Marine Nature Reserves & Rest on the beaches
Udege Primorye (aka Primorsky Krai) is situated on the coast of the Japanese sea, so no wonder there are a lot of beautiful beaches and stunning sea landscapes in the area as well as a unique Marine Nature Reserve. Come explore local beaches (including wild ones) to swim, snorkel or lie in the sum – swimming season here starts in mid July and lasts till early September. You can also take boat trips around Vladivostok and nearby islands to enjoy the scenery from the sea. If you want to see wild nature and sea-animals in their natural habitat, you can take a tour to the Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve having the best views and landscapes. We can offer to spend some time at one of local summer resorts to enjoy warm sunny days and refreshing sea waves.

Flower watching (seasons nature watching)
Udege The Primorye Krai is home to hundreds of flora species, many of them endemic to this region. Surrounded by forests, Primorye towns and villages, as well as local Nature Reserves offer a choice of options for those who like to admire nature with their own eyes. From flower watching in the nearby and remote Nature Reserves in spring and summer to red and yellow maple leaves watching in late September - early October. You can also visit an arboretum near the town of Ussuriisk (1,5 h drive from Vladivostok) or a relic yew forest on Popov Island in the Lazo Nature reserve. We can offer both short 1-day tours and longer programs adapting them to your travel ideas. If you only stay in Vladivostok for a couple of days and are interested in local nature, we can arrange just a short 2-3 hours trip for you to a nearby Botanical garden.