Educational Projects zvezda

  • guides training program (we offer short-term training courses for interpreters who are interested in tour guiding)
  • seminars on local tourism market (intended for general public or tourism professionals)

Services for Official Delegations
Forum DVFU We offer support for international delegations (governmental, business, or cultural), organizing all aspects of a delegation’s stay in Russia.
Our past projects include:
  • organizing the visit of the Toyama Prefecture government in July 2017
  • visit of the Mitsui Corporation official delegation in October 2017

Cultural Exchange Projects
Chorus We provide support for cultural exchange groups, organizing their stay and helping international visitors to establish partnerships and connect with local people. Our projects include:
  • Japanese-Russian Chorus Exchange groups
  • Russian Winter cultural group

Services for extra-large groups
zvezda We have a vast experience in providing services for extra large groups of tourists (100-400 pax), including organized visits to the Mariinsky Theatre and train chartering.
  • Cruise ships
  • Air charters