We will give you the general impression of Russia, its history and culture as well as its most interesting sites and best views

For those who stay over 2 days...
Nevelskoy Monument If you come here to stay longer than 2 days we can offer more sightseeing options in and around Vladivostok. You can choose one of our half-day or full-day tours (including long-distance suburban excursions) seeing both the main sights of Vladivostok and more remote attractions like Safari-park, Russky Island, PrimRing carting field, etc. You can even take a chance to visit one of the nearby cities, e.g. Nakhodka port city or Ussuriisk, or one of the villages. If you are staying long enough you may also visit other cities of the Russian Far East taking a train or a flight there and returning to Vladivostok after a 1-2 days' stay. This will give you a deeper insight to the culture, nature, history and present-day life of Russia and the Russian Far East in particular.

For those who come for 1-2 days...
Udege Vladivostok has long been a popular starting point for tourists who enter Russia from Asian airports and then go farther into the country. In this case they usually spend 1-2 days in Vladivostok, including the arrival and departure dates. If you choose the same travel plan we can offer some shorter familiarization tour programs to make your stay here more interesting and full. There's a wide range of optional excursions and half-day tours among our products - you can pick any of them to go on a standard 3-hour city tour or take a guided trip to Russky Island, or have a family meal at "dacha" , etc. Time permitting, you may even go on a full-day tour of Vladivostok and its suburbs and still be able to catch your Trans-Siberian train or a flight to Kamchatka.

...and for those staying less than a day.
Pushka If you are just a transit traveler passing by Vladivostok and not staying here long enough, you may still have a few hours to spare. It's often the case with tourists going on a Trans-Siberian journey as trains from Vladivostok depart for Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Moscow in the evening (some of them around midnight). We offer to take one of our short sightseeing tours during your free time and get an overall impression of Vladivostok. It may be a walking tour of the historic center (with the XIX and early XX-century buildings and monuments) in the company of a guide, or a 3-4 hour tour in a charted car to see the main sights of Vladivostok. Chances are, taking just a quick glance at the city you will want to come back some day for more!