Special Interest Tours

Photo Tours
Udege We offer guided tours and support for amateurs and professionals interested in photography. Primorye is one of the most picturesque regions of Russia, with a lot of diverse and beautiful locations: sandy and stone beaches, sea landscapes, taiga forests and many other spots. Vladivostok is also one of the most beautiful and unusual cities of Russia located on hills and washed by three bays. There are several viewpoints, impressive bridges and XIX century buildings in the historic center. Vladivostok is a sea port, a fortress, a Terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and a beautiful dynamic city with unique atmosphere. We will help you find the best locations for making pictures so that you could catch the most captivating views!

Sports Tours and Events
Udege Vladivostok offers a lot of options for sports lovers: you may attend a sports event or a competition or even take part in some of them. Tourists who prefer active tours can go on a bicycle ride on Russky Island (renting a bike at the University campus) or choose a full-day trekking journey to the Pidan mountain (located at about 70 km from Vladivostok). There are several shorter trekking options nearby Vladivostok. As for the sports events, you may attend a soccer or an ice hockey game, a carting or a motorbike race, etc. Runners and joggers from all over the world are welcome to take part in yearly Ice Run or in Vladivostok International Marathon (you may choose a 5, 21 or 42 km distance). Contact us for further information on the sports events and competition schedule!

Cultural and professional exchanges
Udege Coming to Vladivostok you may not only go on sightseeing tours but also take part in some kind of professional activities. There are exhibitions in many spheres like Tourism, Construction, Food and Catering, Agriculture, etc. We offer informational and travel support for participants and guests. We also have extensive experience in organizing cultural exchange events (like international choirs meeting, etc.). If you are interested in Russian language learning we can help you find the best courses at the University or a private language school. As a cultural center of Primorye Vladivostok can be an interesting place to visit for music and theatre lovers: we organize special interest tours for individual travelers and groups of any size.