Winter tours

Winter Holidays Season
Udege We offer a tour for those who would like to experience Russian winter for a short period of time. Coming here during winter holidays you will get into the epicenter of this merry holiday time, learn about Russian traditions and feel the real Russian winter. On January, 1st all Russia celebrates the New Year's Day and on January, 7th comes the Orthodox Christmas. For the past several years the days between these holidays are official days-off, called by Russians «winter vacations». Take one of our winter tours to participate in traditional winter entertainments like sledge riding, playing snowballs, etc. You will also have traditional Russian meals at restaurants (optional family visit with lunch or dinner is also available). Winters in Vladivostok are not so cold compared to those of inland Russia (usual temperatures are around -10°C/-15°C), though they are quite windy. Snowfalls and snowstorms are rare. But should a snowstorm occur during your visit, some outdoor activities can be replaced by indoor entertainments. Just bring warm clothes and good mood with you!

Winter Sports Tour
Pole of Cold If you like winter sports and happen to come here in winter you will find a lot of options to try! We offer tours to nearby winter entertainment resorts where you can practice alpine and cross-country skiing, skating and tobogganing. Vladivostok has several indoor and outdoor skating rinks (one of them is a home base for the local ice hockey team «Admiral») and sevaral winter entertainment resorts in the suburbs and nearby area. There's also a more remote alpine ski base in the town of Arsenyev attracting thousands of skiers from the Primorsky Region. The most popular winter resort is «Kometa» located in about 40 min drive from the city center. There are all sorts of winter entertainments, several cafes and even small hotels on the picturesque forest slopes. Another option could be attending an ice hockey match in the Fetisov Arena ice palace (in case there's a game on schedule during your stay).

Russian Winter Experience
Mariinsky Theatre Balley If you come here in winter and are interested in a relaxed stay, we can offer winter tours combining specific and traditional activities. You may twant to ry ice-fishing on the frozen bays and gulfs of Vladivostok (one of the favorite pasttimes of local men). Just «walking on the sea» in winter could be an unforgettable experience! There are even skating rinks right on the frozen sea at some winter resorts here. And nothing could beat a hot Russian Banya on a cold winter day — come and try its revitalizing effect (hot tea with honey and pastries adding to the relaxing atmosphere). In the evening you can visit the Mariinsky Theatre and see one of its opera or ballet performances. Please make sure to bring really warm clothes with you (including hat, gloves and winter boots), as Russian winter could be tough.